Blueline Wireless broadband

Blueline’s wireless broadband network is transmitted on 2.4GHz public frequency and also on 5.8 GHz frequency that can reach all customers up to 40 kilometers from our POP. Blueline has a special frequency that is not owned by other ISP. It can operate with WIMAX technology on frequency 3.3 GHz. Get our best wireless internet service according to your choice of our products.

Residential Wireless Features

Residential Package is one of the best wireless internet solutions for housing, apartment and villa. Residential Package provides 24-hour unlimited high speed internet access with affordable price.

  • 24 hour Customer Support – Helpdesk
  • Technical Support from 09.00-17.00 (office hour)
  • FREE* troubleshooting and maintenance service during subscription contract
  • 99.8% guaranteed network availability.
  • Unlimited Internet Access for IP Address: 5 Public IPs for Business Plan, including Radio IP and Router.

(* terms and conditions apply)

Our Questions:

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How many hours a day you use the internet?
Period of your internet usage in one day?

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Blueline Wireless Broadband Distinguished Service

You can get advantages from our service for your business

Internet Access

You have 24-hour and 7-day unlimited internet access.

Speed and reliability

You have fast and stable internet connection for all of your business units

Technical support

Non-stop service and support for 24 hours

Complete solutions

We provide you solution for your business. Blueline does not provide you only internet service.