Choose your Indoor WiFi and start today

Indoor wifi is the one that uses a router which is located in a room. The indoor router is different from the outdoor router because outdoor router is designed to be resistant to changing weather, rain, heat etc.

The following are some indoor router devices :


Routerboard RB450 (680MHz Atheros CPU, 256MB DDR RAM, 512MB NAND Storage) with RouterOS (Level 5) in compact indoor box packaging, five 10/100/1000 gigabyte ports and a micro-SD slot. It has slot for wireless card. One 24 Volt adapter is included.

951G 2HND

RB951G-2HND has all a router needs and gateway for personal and office. It has 5-gigabyte ethernet ports, 1 access point embedded 2.4 GHz MIMO, 2.5 dbi embedded antenna, and one USB port. Power adaptor is included.


RB750 is a very small routerboard and is intended for SOHO. It has five 10/100 ethernet ports, with a new Atheros 400MHz processor. It includes level-4 license and a 12V adapter.