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Voice over IP or VoIP is a revolutionary technology. It can replace conventional phones because its data transfer method uses internet connection. With this method VoIP has more advantages than conventional PSTN phones. Phone lines generally uses copper wire which does not support high speed data transfer while internet connection generally uses fiber optic cables that can transfer data much faster than copper cables. This enables broadband internet service to be useful for various needs. With this more effective infrastructure, VoIP can surely replace conventional phones.

Integrated with Internet Service

The connection in Voice over IP is made through internet, which is the main data transfer network in this technology. Some years ago phone line was used for internet but now it is the other way around. Internet and VoIP can be used simultaneously by sharing bandwidth. Its installation is very easy and can be done alone, with a computer or with a VoIP phone. With the internet the connection works more effectively and efficiently and telephone line is no longer needed.

Chat Feature Replaces SMS

Conventional SMS feature can be replaced by chat feature in VoIP. This feature is much easier to use and with this feature, the data or file transfer is much faster. Some VoIP providers, of course, still provide a conventional SMS feature in their service.

Applicable for Smartphones, Tablets, and Other Mobile Gadgets

Current smartphones are compatible with VoIP technology. We can use 3G data connection or Wi-Fi connection, which is available widely for free. This capability is supported by many VoIP providers that create this application for smartphones so that we can use this service with our smartphones.

Better Sound Quality

VoIP requires a broadband connection that can transfer the data much faster than conventional phones. With better data transfer capacity, the quality of the sound is also better. We can manage the quality of the sound to have convenient communication.